Best way to teach kids how to code

School break is near and it’s exciting to spend a lot of time with kids on some of STEM projects.

Here I like to introduce the best approach how to introduce kids how to code.

1.Engage with robot kits  

Kids love physical engagement. Coding normally stays  inside the computer premises. The best strategy is to combine those two. Coding with robot !

Here are a few recommended kits kids can learn coding while tinkering with robot kits.

Gizmos & Gadgets Kit, 2nd Edition

Littlebit kits has great reputation to combine coding with physical invention kids. It transforms passive screen time into a passion for hands-on inventing, problem solving and creativity along with coding.


Codey Rocky


Codey Rocky is Smart robot for beginner coding and AI learning. And very durable and well built for beginning coding learners. Its predecessor mBot has similar functions/features but it uses old / existing Scratch code. If you are ready to upgrade and keep with Scratch 2.0 to 3.0 skill please go for Codey Rocky since it allows you to code from not just PC, but also tablet/mobile device.

The beauty of this product (Codey Rocky) is that it does use the same programming language you learned (Scratch 3.0 – available from August 2018 from MIT) from (Currently it shows 2.0 but it will be turned into 3.0 in August 2018).

2.Start with Visual Programming

Visual programming is great way to start learning coding.


The most prime example is to learn from Scratch which is developed by MIT.

The Scratch is the best known for its easy way to start learning coding as well as global community to share their works. As I mentioned earlier Scratch 2.0 is getting upgraded to 3.0 and if you are a fresh new student please start with 3.0 (available from August 2018). is one of the best entry level coding platform where any kids can learn coding from visually stunning environments. If you are never exposed to programming and if you are afraid where to start your programming please start with This is the best place to start.




Raising kids in a fast faced digital era is daunting challenge day to day. Money wise as well as trendy wise. Teaching a kid how to code is in average very expensive. One of the most popular program like “Robotics and Visual Programming Lab with VEX IQ” from ID Tech Summer CAMP for just 1 week costs around $1,049 in Seattle, Washington. For older kid from 13 years or older there is even more expensive like “Autonomous and Self-Driving Robotics Lab” running around $4,099 for 2 weeks.

For your kids’ long summer you don’t have to suffer financial burdens you don’t have to. There are decent number of FREE resources you can keep up your kids’ STEM level as long as you watch them over how they are doing.

I believe the biggest challenge in terms of introducing kids how to code or STEM education has been fun factor. Kids normally shy away from EDUCATION flavored program/camp. They jump into fun or exciting ventures but slow to engage when you find themselves in EDUCATION powered programs/camps. One of the strategies should be mixing education with some fun factors like GAME programming or sending kids to STEM camp with a lot of sports/outdoor activities.

Coming back to FREE resources in terms of STEM/Coding education.

Known for Hours of Code, this website has tones of FREE resources to learn coding plus very kids friendly, which means a lot of familiar Disney characters showing up to help kids to learn coding. Backed by industry leaders this site has one of the best resources in terms of programming / Computer Science resources.

2.Khan Academy has great STEM tutorials not just programming but also general Math/Science materials.


EDX.ORG has great children’s resources for coding education. One of my favorite class is “Programming in Scratch“.