How to use family time for fun STEM activity


1.Try VR Movie Time

If you search some of ebay tech shopping list you can buy cheap VR sets (less than or around $10) which can be used with your mobile devices. Help kids to try on VR set and watch movie together. App stores has a tones of FREE games or short film selection you can watch. If you have more decent budget you can shoot for more full flown VR set like Daydream ViewGear VRMirage Solo and Oculus Go.

2.Try Volunteer time to teach STEM 

Use one of your family time planned to be converted into high energy volunteer time leveraging STEM education. It can be fun raising activities, local charity event or etc. Contact a event host and talk about potential option for your family team to teach STEM education (, scratch or math) to young audiences. I have done this type of activities last 3 years now and it’s such a enriching and blast time to my kid and myself.

3.Family Racing 

Try to secure time for your family to assemble robot kits (simple one) together and race together. I have done this activity with my son many times and it’s worth and such a great time for all of us. My family robot racing assembly kit is mbot. Or help racing together your pet if you have any.


Newest model  (Codey Rocky)as below




Geocaching is another great activity to do treasure hunting using GPS enabled kit like phone or other mobile device. Try a new place one at a time and discover a new place and get incentivized while hunting goecaching.

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