Finding the best summer STEM camp


I am a big believe on technologies in terms of how it will shape the culture and the way of living of the next generation. Bringing kids on board with top skills like computational thinking through coding is very important assets in young kids’ development. But the flip-side is that kids still need to keep with other academic subjects, social aspects as well as sports. That’s why filtering / searching STEM camp with a sort of social/sport aspects are critical. We are sending kids to STEM camp for study itself. It should be ideal to pick a camp combining academics, teamwork and sports.

I can’t suggest a particular program but here is the overall guideline I recommend,


I always encourage parents to look for camps combining not just STEM focus but also a program having a good teamwork as well as sports as well. We all know that kids can’t focus academics all day but they need a good breaks with fun sports outdoor as well as a good teamwork exercise.


A lot of program provides a full day program but at the same time even a sleepover option as well. By helping kids to fully immerse into the camp should result in better outcome. Please pay attention to activity, quality of program and other element (like combining game with coding) to engage kids into the program.


Please also pay attention to years of service. This adds up quality and domain knowledge to the camp.


Please check with review, forum and web portal space where you get feedback on the particular camp or brands before signing up.


Most of all, camps are focusing too much on skills (like how to do C++ or JAVA) vs CS fundamentals. At the end of the day kids will absorb computational thinking, creative decision making and problem solving skills, not technical skill itself. So please don’t expect kids to start making game or apps out of 1 or 2 weeks long program.


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